AxSun - Made in Germany

We produce in Germany with all the force of our convictions!


I. Our frequent high Upper Swabian quality is highly appreciated

We manufacture exclusively in Germany. This is the only way to guarantee the highest possible quality, extreme longevity and customer focused flexiblity. Many companies already returned remorsefully to Germany after having a bad experience with low-cost production. We are fully aware of the importance of quality. We never manufactured abroad.

II. Our responsibility is to preserve local jobs

Although there were enormous difficulties in the branch of photovoltaics in recent years we have always overcome the challenges. One reason for this is our location. AxSun is grateful to their employees - and therefore it is their responsibility to preserve these jobs for the future.

III. Being flexible means fast decision-making

Efficient communication, short distances. All our departments are in-house. Thus, we are able to respond very fast. Our customers appreciate this AxSun-character. Social interaction and a vibrant atmosphere is very important to us. We share a common objective.



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AxSun - German Modules with Character

- standard premium PV-modules - design module premium black - HIGHPOWER PV-module performer - extreme longlife glass-glass module infinity -
- inroof Solrif® PV-modules - transparente PV-modules - special shape/diagonal cut modules -

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