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Transparent modules - "Photovoltaics with clear view”

In this section there are some references with our high quality PV modules. This section is constantly updated. Please visit this site every once in a while to see how homogeneously our modules fit into different surroundings.



Carport with transparent AxSun glass-glass modules

Location: Bad Urach (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 2,1 kWp
Solar modules: AxSun AX M-40 GGL (glass-glass transparent)
Year built: 2013

This carport was created by Holzbau / Zimmerei Gross in 72574 Bad Urach / Wittlingen




Solar filling stations with AxSun laminates

Location: Netherlands
Capacity: 20,4 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX M-60 255Wp (laminates)
Year built: 2014



Terrace roofing with transparent AxSun PV modules





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