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Our polycrystalline modules - "strong performance and robustly built..."

In this section there are some references with our high quality polycrystalline modules. This section is constantly updated. Please visit this site every once in a while to see how homogeneously our modules fit into different surroundings.



6,34 kWp in Baltringen

Location: Baltringen (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 6,34 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX P-60 235W and AxSun AX P-60 235W (transparent)
Year built: 2011



17,62 kWp in Sinningen

Location: Sinningen (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 17,62 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX P-60 235W
Year built: 2011



13,33 kWp in Balzheim

Location: Balzheim (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 13,33 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX P-54 215W
Year built: 2012



15,29 kWp AxSun-Power in Mietingen

Location: Mietingen (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 15,29 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX P-60 240W and AxSun AX P-48 190W
Year built: 2011



7,84 kWp in Uznach

Location: 8730 Uznach (Switzerland)
Capacity: 7,84 kW
Solar modules: AxSun AX P-60 245W
Year built: 2013



2,55 kWp in Sizilien/Italien

Location: Sizilien (Italy)
Capacity: 2,55 kW
Solar modules: AxSun Modul AX P-60 255W
Year built: 2014

A small but nice AxSun PV system - where others spend their holidays - in Sicily.
Created by Fa. Energia Globale.



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