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Further increase in performance of all products and introduction of 5-busbar technology

    Extension of the product range: Our portfolio is extended with colored modules, all modules receive a performance increase of 5 Wp. The performer series now has a fabulous 315 Wp! The AxSun production will be updated again: Our Stringer now produces cell strings with 5-busbar technology.  



Performance increase by 5Wp and new products

    Expansion of the product range: PV balcony modules with dimensions to customer specifications, colored PV (PV modules with colored cells and colored backsheet film). Performance enhancer performer 310 Wp, glass-glass infinity 310 Wp, Poly-bluePower 275 Wp.  



performer with 300 Wp and new glass-glass infinity series

    Expansion of the product range: The performance series exceeds the magical performance value of 300 Wp with 60 cells, the glass-glass series infinity with 2mm glass on the front and back is introduced. The AxSun production is updated: A new stringer produces cell strings with 4-busbar technology, a robot places the cellstrings in the layup.  



New partnerships

    International sales activities are being expanded. Partnerships are created in Romania and Yemen  



Glass-Glass Modul heavy with 8000 Pascal and roof-integrated Solrif

    Rampup to 50 MegaWatt line in the AxSun module production. Other international partnerships in Hungary, South Africa, Pakistan. The product range is extended by glass-glass modules (heavy, with 8000 Pascal pressure load), in-roof laminates for the SOLRIF system and passive diagonal panels.  



New premium series with 3.2 mm glass

    AxSun enters into partnerships in Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Turkey. The successful product range and the premium range (3.2 mm glass, lighter frame) has been extended.  



Customized special modules, Intersolar

    Expansion of the production line. The product range is enlarged. AxSun is now the supplier of high-quality, customer-specific special modules (form, power, color). AxSun is on the world's largest exhibition for photovoltaics, called Intersolar in Munich.  



100% electroluminescent control

    Production extension: Rampup to 20 MegaWatt line in module production. Introduction of a 100% EL control (screening of the PV modules) using laboratory equipment.  



Certification IEC 61215 ED2

    AxSun products are certified according to IEC 61215 ED2. AxSun starts a long-term partnership with the inverter and PV accessories manufacturer Q3 from Kaufbeuren.  



New production location

    The new production facility at Laupheim-Baustetten is being built and expanded.  



Change of name

    Change of name: from AxSun Solar to AxSun Solar GmbH & Co. KG. The project team module production is set up in the laboratory in Burgrieden / Rot  



The beginning

    The start of a successful company: Axel Skuthan and his wife Monika Hackbarth-Skuthan founded the company AxSun Solar  





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