Mission Statement

Mission Statement


The basis for economic development and advancement of the international community is energy supply. The largest energy supplier was, is and will remain the sun, a free resource with unlimited availability.  By means of photovoltaics the sunlight is able to supply long-term and economical energy to all humankind. We from AxSun are going for it!


Who we are

AxSun GmbH & Co.KG designs and manufactures photovoltaic solutions for the efficient production of electricity from sunlight. Our customers benefit from a gapless production chain, transparent production facilities and the high grade service mentality of the whole AxSun staff.


AxSun‘s vision

Free sun energy is a gift to mankind. Photovoltaics shall be a normal staff of life.  Construction companies and architects worldwide shall plan no more building without  incorporating a photovoltaic system for direct on-site energy supply.
There are 1.4 billion people around the world (about 20 percent of the world population) without access to electricity.  Our vision will be fulfilled when natural electricity is taken for granted by all of them.

AxSun‘s skills and strengths

Our products are the keys to our success. With extraordinary know-how and the highest  standards possible we are constantly working on the enhancement of our products. Thus, we manufacture innovative alterations enabling us to come full circle from R&D and distribution to our retailers and end customers.


AxSun‘s culture

Skilled, motivated and service-oriented employees are a prerequisite to our success. Therefore, it is important that our interaction is fair, sophisticated and outcome-driven. We participate actively, act sustainably and live the visions of the company. These are the components of our chain with satisfied customers at its end.


AxSun‘s future

It is the objective of each company to obtain a strong market position and reasonable profit. Achieving sustained success is only possible when customers are strongly convinced of our products. Solid growth and further expansion of the brand AxSun,  as well as the gradually  extension of our activities beyond the borders of Europe will determine the further development of our company.



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- Gilbert Keith Chesterton (1874 - 1936)