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„AxSun - The sun rises here"

Where our company is nestled in the lovely landscape of Oberschwaben between the city of Ulm with the highest church tower in the world and famous Lace Constance. That’s where we develop and manufacture our high quality photovoltaic modules. Axsun Solar stands for long lasting experience and innovation, highest quality and reliability, first class customer service, sustainability and forward-looking growth.
The Sun - the biggest power plant of our planetary system

The sun is able to continuously satisfy our needs for energy without any downsides like CO2 emmissions. We at AxSun are fascinated by the magic of the sun.  A few sunrays only are enough to make us humans happy. Moreover, inexhaustible energy is a lavish gift of the sun. In 2007 we started to develop and manufacture premium solar modules to change  sun light into electrical energy with the best German engineering quality.

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A major focus for all of us and for company founder Axel Skuthan is the longevity and reliability of the modules together with strict German standards. And we are very successful. All over the German speaking part of Europe, the Netherlands, Italy, France and increasingly around the world our modules perform great on the roofs of private houses, commercial buildings, farms and ground mounted systems.
AxSun Solar has been working for more than one decade in the young and exciting branch of renewable energy. The company’s strategy has always been oriented to the latest developments and customer demands and we continue this strategy.
Nothing is as constant as change,

particularly in the technics of photovoltaic. Therefore, it is important for us to continually enhance our products. With this in mind we attach importance to the motivation and well-grounded know-how of our whole staff. Regular in-house trainings ensure that the latest technical know-how always incorporates into the enhancements of our products. Thus, we have designed modules which are notable for their longevity, high quality workmanship as well as above-average performance. Our production line is very flexible. This enables us to fulfill individual requirements regarding visual appearance and shapes of our modules.

Our overall quality inspection together with the electroluminescence check and the PID-test ensure the steadily high quality of our modules.

Our Vision

100% renewable energy!  We are convinced that it will soon be possible to generate 100% of the energy demand from renewable sources. The energy will be produced regionally and decentralized and accessible to everybody. The change in energy supply depends on everybody and that's why we put all our efforts in the development of renewable energy. We see ourselves as part of a European network which forces the change. Guided by the vision of a clean and ecological environment we want to make the world a better place to live for everybody. It is the primary objective of our company to manufacture the highest quality PV modules with the best performance. Our major focus is to maximise the energy yield by getting the most out of the physically set limits.

„Photovoltaics must become as self-evident as breakfast in the morning" 

In our opinion and regarding the longevity of our modules it is absolutely necessary to electroluminescent-check each and every module within the manufacturing process. The solar cells are X-rayed by high-resolution cameras to trace any non-conformance. The actual power of the modules must be known to bring the inverters to their optimum. It is not the peak power which is essential but the energy yield! Unfortunately, in the past years many PV-systems had been roof-mounted in a very sloppy way by self proclaimed experts who came out of the blue without any knowledge. Single criteria were price and supply availability. Quality and energy yield were minor points.
Experience and expertise are invaluable. Our motto is: "Worth the money - not just cheap!"


Sustainability - for a liveable future

We think and act sustainable. Our company philosophy becomes reality every day. Our understanding of sustainable economy is the consistently ecological, econominic and social orientation of the entire business. All AxSun employees and proprietors are committted to our company philosophy of sustainability.

  • Social sustainability means our social and responsible attitude towards customers, suppliers, partners, employees and the company.
  • Ecological sustainability means to protect nature and environment for a liveable future.
  • Economical sustainability means to strengthen and to maintain a long-lasting functionality, competitiveness and productivity by economically worthwhile action.

We ensure sustainability and ongoing development by our strict quality management system. Furthermore, our certified production is periodically reviewd by the German TÜV Nord.


Further education of our employees

Particular attention is paid on further education of our employees. Safety at work is as important as the fact that each member of our staff is a skilled worker. Every single employee has specialised knowledge regarding the different steps of the production (string measurement and performance measurement), operating procedures of a PV-system in every detail and the principles of the relevant physical laws.

Another major focus is the interaction with customers. Customer satisfaction is the basis for future orders.  Our company is not an impersonal enterprise but a family-run business which values every staff member.


Axel Skuthan - CEO AxSun

Sincerely yours,

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Axel Skuthan


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