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Our solar panels

HIGHPOWER and cool look

with AxSun premium black

Our solar panels

Spitzenklasse: Unsere AxSun premium Solarmodule

AX M-108 premium

Our new high-performance solar module delivers a whopping 405 Wp! This means even more performance in the same area.

Interesting for smaller photovoltaic systems where every watt peak is to be teased out.

>>>> Solar module AX M-108 premium


axsun solarmodul premium black

AxSun premium black
esthetic. power. elegant.

Visually very appealing - our premium black solar modules are real eye-catchers.

Our completely in elegant black PV panel with long-term guarantee and up to 395 Wp high performance.

>>>> Solar modul premium black


AxSun PV in-roof solar modules

AxSun in-roof solar modules
integrated. power. elegant.

Our premium high-performance laminates for in-roof solutions. With the proven SOLRIF® frame and up to 325 Wp. Noble optics, for seamless and super-elegant building integration.

>>>> SOLRIF® solar panels


Pure elegance - AxSun premium black


HIGH-POWER and elegant look


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