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ReferencesRoof-Integrated Systems

AxSun Solar References

"Roof-integrated photovoltaic systems"

In this section there are some references with our high quality PV modules. This section is constantly updated. Please visit this site every once in a while to see how homogeneously our modules fit into different surroundings.


Nice roof-integrated system with 6,3 kWp






Location: Ulm (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 6,3 kW
Modules: AxSun Laminate AX M-54 deluxe 235 Wp black
and AxSun AX M-24 105Wp
Year built: 2014



Roof-integrated system with AxSun laminaten (black poly cells)


Location: Altengronau (Hessen)
Capacity: 15 kW
Modules: AxSun AX P-48 L 195W (laminates with black poly cells)
Year built: 2014



Solar Fillings Station with AxSun-Laminates




Location: Netherlands
Capacity: 20,4 kW
Modules: AxSun AX M-60 255Wp (laminates)
Year built: 2014



Beautiful roof integrated System with 16,45 kWp AxSun-Power


Location: Reinstetten (Baden-Württemberg)
Capacity: 16,45 kW
Modules: AxSun AX P-60 235W (laminates)
Year built: 2013



Photovoltaic modules "Made in Germany"

Developed and manufactured with German quality demand