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100 jaehriges Modul



It is the primary objective of our company to manufacture the highest quality PV modules with the best performance. Quality is our point of honour!

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Hi there,
Thank you very much for yesterday's cooperation. It was really fun for us and we were very successful. Some visitors said that AxSun-DeLimes is obviously a well-established team.
We love to hear this. Keep it up this way.

Sunny regards

Herbert Koeberle, DeLimes Energy GmbH

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Production in Germany


  AxSun Solar - Photovoltaikcs made in Germany
  We manufacture your high-quality solar modules
  in Germany


 25 years performance guarantee

 15 years product gurantee*

  coming with our premium and deluxe modules!



Solarmodule aus deutscher Herstellung - made in Germany

   "We are at home in beautiful Laupheim
     and this is where we feel extremely well..."

    - Tessa Skuthan, daugther of company owner Axel Skuthan



We produce in Germany with all the force of our convictions!


I. Our frequent high Upper Swabian quality
   is highly appreciated

We manufacture exclusively in Germany. This is the only way to guarantee the highest possible quality, extreme longevity and customer focused flexiblity. Many companies already returned remorsefully to Germany after having a bad experience with low-cost production. We are fully aware of the importance of quality. We never manufactured abroad.


II. Our responsibility is to preserve local jobs    

Although there were enormous difficulties in the branch of photovoltaics in recent years we have always overcome the challenges. One reason for this is our location. We are grateful to our employees - and therefore it is our responsibility to preserve these jobs for the future.


III. Being flexible means fast decision-making 

Efficient communication, short distances. All our departments are in-house. Thus, we are able to respond very fast. Our customers appreciate this AxSun-character. Social interaction and a vibrant atmosphere is very important to us. We share a common objective.



You are always welcome to visit us for a factory tour

Repeatedly, there is some irritation regarding the fact that AxSun really manufactures modules and laminates in Laupheim and that we do not just import products from the Far East. It happens very often that labelled Far East products, designated as "Made in Germany", are offered to our business partners. Production in Upper Swabia is normality, is a matter of course for us. The following is a fictitious conversation to explain the above mentioned (we make this or a similar conversation quite often):


interested PV-installer:


"Where do you manufacture your modules?"



„Our products are manufactured in Laupheim. The location is in South Germany, 20 km south of Ulm and 70 km north of the Lake Constance...“

interested PV-installer:


„Well, but where is the place of origin of the modules?“



„As I said. They are manufactured in Laupheim. Between Ulm and the Lake Constance...“

interested PV-installer:


„But the modules come from Asia and you label them here in Germany, like many of the so-called manufacturers do?“



„Hmm, I can understand that you ask again. Most people think that is is this way. But it is I said before….“ (friendly smiling)

interested PV-installer:


„…I can't believe it - I'm too long in the PV branch and many companies tried to palm modules supposed to be made in Germany off on me.…“



„That's exactly why we like to invite prospective customers for a factory tour. The best way to clarify open questions is having a good cup of coffee and a factory tour.  We focus on a trustful and good relationship with our customers“

interested PV-installer:


„I gladly accept your invitation!“



„Great - let's arrange for a meeting, then.“



Are you also interested in a factory tour?

This is the best way to show you why we are so passionate and how exactly we focus on quality. Just give us a call. We look forward to meeting you:

AxSun Sales:

+49 7392 - 96 96 850




That's what our partners say:



Again thank you for your hospitality. The factory tour was a highlight. We were impressed by the preciseness of each production stage. This is what makes AxSun so different. You have proven how you produce your high quality products.

Herr H. P.

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* more information in the AxSun warranty conditions


Photovoltaic modules "Made in Germany"

Developed and manufactured with German quality demand