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It is the primary objective of our company to manufacture the highest quality PV modules with the best performance. Quality is our point of honour!

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"We value people who voice their opinions freely and frankly, provided they are the same as our own"

     - Mark Twain


We are very interested in receiving your opinion. This will help us to further improvement. We regularly ask our partners and end customers to give us a brief feedback after their visit or in case that they own an AxSun PV system. We are very happy when praised. And we are even happier as this happens very often. At this point we would like to express our thanks for the confidence you have placed in us every day. 
This is fun, this is the way to proceed. Every day. Step by step. Thank you.

Some testimonials:

(translations of the original reviews)


bq-o Hello both of you,
Thank you very much for yesterday's cooperation. It was really fun for us and we were very successful. Some visitors said that AxSun-DeLimes is obviously a well-established team.
We love to hear this. Keep it up.

Sunny regards

Herbert Koeberle, DeLimes Energy GmbH

bq-o Compared with a competitor the AxSun representative was very competent. The factory tour was amazing. Everything fine.

J. Hild GmbH, Ulm



First class consultancy – we are very satisfied with the quotation for our PV-system. Zwo offers have been prepared and absolutely met our requirements for getting the most out of it. Really great!

Mr. M. Hammerer



Thank you very much for the great factory tour and competent consultancy. We were suprised and impressed about the precise manual work. All staff are very motivated at work and explained everything we wanted to learn.

Family S. aus Ulm



Again thank you for your hospitality. The factory tour was a highlight. We were impressed by the preciseness of each production stage.
This is what makes AxSun so different. You have proven how you produce your high quality products.

Mr.  H. P.



Installation worked great and makes fun. We appreciate that you'd like to publish the picture and take us as reference. Whenever you want, please show our PV-system to other prospectives.
It is likely that I will buy another system of the same size. Ich bin begeistert.
Herr U. B.



Hello Mr. Zick,
………Well done, so far … greetings to your colleague. He and you seemed to be very competent and helpful. We consider ourselves well advised …
Kind regards
Mr. M. U.


Dear Mr.  Skuthan,
I'd like to contact you by email. We wish you and your family and your staff a successful and happy new year.
The PV powered carport project in E. at the M.G. family has been successfully finished before Christmas. In particular, we'd like to thank Mr. Schirmachaer  for his very ambitious work.
Deadlines and committments have been met all the time. Once he met the "architect" Mr. H. This man would rather bee a story teller.
When listening to him I'd never thought the procject to be realized with AxSun. Mr. Schirmacher convinced me that it will work out. And that's what it did.

Thanks for the great work!!!
We wish you a nice evening.
Kind regards
G. M.



Hello Mr. Hille,
Thank you very much for helping me out of a mess. The short-term design of our display meets everybody's favour.  I'm happy that I've entrusted you. I like the new idea which is fresh and spirited. Many thanks. This way, people's attention will be brought to our PV-system in our entrance area.

Kind regards,

L. M.



Top Beratung – wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Erläuterung des Angebots für die PV-Anlage

Das zwei Angebote ausgearbeitet wurden und damit auf die Kundenwünsche eingegangen wurde um das Optimale zu erzielen ist klasse – echt Top!

Photovoltaic modules "Made in Germany"

Developed and manufactured with German quality demand