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100 jaehriges Modul



Hi there,
Thank you very much for yesterday's cooperation. It was really fun for us and we were very successful. Some visitors said that AxSun-DeLimes is obviously a well-established team.
We love to hear this. Keep it up this way.

Sunny regards

Herbert Koeberle, DeLimes Energy GmbH

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Quality at AxSun Solar


"We take 100 % EL-Check of every single module for granted"


Our understanding of quality

It is the primary objective of our company to manufacture the highest quality PV modules with the best performance. Quality is our point of honour! Our major focus is to maximize the energy yield by getting the most out of the physically set limits.

Longevity is the essential aspect for this goal and therefore, each single module is 100% quality-tested, among other tests by the electroluminescent check! Knowing the real performance of the modul is the only way to get the inverters to their optimum performance. It is not the peak power that is all-dominant but the annual yield!


(Quality Assurance Manager on EL-check)


Our quality management system and environment management system ensure an ongoing sustainable enhancement of our modules. Moreover, the German VDE regularly certifies our production.

Take us at our word!

  •     Compliance with quality standards and certifications
  •     Electroluminescence check of every module
  •     Quality management system and environment management system during the manufacturing process
  •     Processing of high quality components according to German standards
  •     Use of high-grade poly- and monocrystalline silicium cells
  •     Mechanical stability (frame, glass)
  •     Manual production of cell stringing/soldering
  •     First-class German branded junction boxes and plug-in connections



Photovoltaic modules "Made in Germany"

Developed and manufactured with German quality demand