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Magic of the Sun

We from AxSun Solar are fascinated by the magic of the sun. A few sunrays only are enough to make us happy.
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It is the primary objective of our company to manufacture the highest quality PV modules with the best performance. Quality is our point of honour!
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AxSun provides the product quality you are looking for. As individual the demands of our customers are as practical and forward looking are our solutions.
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Made in Germany

We are located in Laupheim and we feel very well there. Here we manufacture our high-quality photovoltaic modules with Swabian quality demand.
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100 jaehriges Modul



Hi there,
Thank you very much for yesterday's cooperation. It was really fun for us and we were very successful. Some visitors said that AxSun-DeLimes is obviously a well-established team.
We love to hear this. Keep it up this way.

Sunny regards

Herbert Koeberle, DeLimes Energy GmbH

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Everything remains different. The only constant is change.
We at Axsun solar have to report always interesting news for you.
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Impressions from the Intersolar 2017

Very busy at AxSun on the first day of the Intersolar. The Guided Tours of the trade magazine come by and the film team was already there. We look forward to your visit, there is much new to see.


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PV-System at Wilhelm Kern GmbH on grid

AxSun congratulates the Wilhelm Kern GmbH on having installed their PV-system with AxSun modules.


On an area of 2745,10 m² we installed a pv-system with a capacity of    479 kWp

Technical features of the Wilhelm Kern pv-system:

Capacity installed : 479,00    kWp
Roof area : 2.745,10    m²
Generation according to irradiation: 39.122,01    kWh / month
Average annual generation: 998,86    kWh/kW
Solar energy coupling :  3.205,00    Wh/m²
CO2 reduction: 8.638,14    Tons in 20 years
solarpowered energy per m2 and year: 171,02    kWh/ m²
Irradiation  in terms of area: 1.169,83    kWh/ m²
Amortisation period: ca. 6-8    years


2014-04-kernen 001

Pictured left to right:

Georg Haack (Owner Ingenieurbüro für Bauwesen, Wertheim), Brigitte Kern (Dipl.-Ing. für Weinbau und Oenologie), Frank Schirmacher (Sales Manager AxSun, Laupheim), Evelin Smrekar (Sales Support AxSun, Laupheim), Friedrich Kern (Managing Partner), Ulrich Kern (Managing Partner), Helmut Heissenberger (honorary Representativ Gemeinde Kernen), Ina Kern (Dipl.-Ing. für Weinbau und Oenologie)


2014-04-kernen 002


2014-04-kernen 003



Bad Staffelstein 2014

AxSun looks forward to Bad Staffelstein 2014!

The symposium is aimed at providers of PV systems, PV components and PV services, engineers, planners, energy consultants, architects, energy managers in companies, municipal planners and desicsion-makers, public utilities and energy companies, colleges and universities as well as research institutes. This year, the high-profile advisory board of the conference has again put together an interesting program of industry-relevant issues.
One of the topics is new business models for photovoltaics to meet the challenges resulting from changing frame conditions as well as profitability of PV systems. Special emphasis is put on the current political and energy-economic conditions.

Axsun is one of the exhibitors, please visit us at the monastery, first Floor, Room 5


12. to 14. March 2014

29. Symposium Photovoltaische Solarenergie

Kloster Banz, Bad Staffelstein

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Our quality is highly estimated
We manufacture exclusively in Germany. This is the only way to guarantee the highest possible quality, extreme longevity and customer focused flexiblity.  Many companies already returned remorsefully to Germany after having made bad experience with low-cost production. We are fully aware of the importance of quality. We never went abroad.




Solar Facade Munich

A great building integrated photovoltaic system (BIPV) has been installed at Frankfurter-Ring in Munich. 132 AxSun modules supply more than 30kWp! A real eye candy for all passers-by and an extraordinary good example how to upvalue a facade and how to make it suitable for energy generation

Solar Fassade in München

Location: Munich - Frankfurter Ring (Bavaria)
Capacity: 30,36 kWp
Modules: AxSun AX M-54 deluxe 230Wp
Year built: 2013



Photovoltaic modules "Made in Germany"

Developed and manufactured with German quality demand